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HOGT.COM innovatively integrates the liquidity advantages of Dex, giving users better trading depth and faster speed during the transaction process. According to the team’s technology roadmap, HOGT.COM will provide developers around the world with more diversified innovation paths and basic services, making it cheaper and more efficient to build decentralized application scenarios, and providing users with convenient “one-stop support”.

It is worth mentioning that, as the first “team” of the HECO chain, HOGT.COM will give its full play to its position as a technology pioneer and practitioner, and officially launched HDEX on June 24, and HOGT was officially declared as a platform currency. This not only means that HOGT.COM has entered a new stage of technology development, showing the completeness and maturity of its platform, but also reflects that the pace of HOGT.COM layout ecology will continue to accelerate, so that HOGT.COM gradually from the development stage to complete platform function stage.

The Process of Technology Development of HOGT

1. HOGT.COM Aggregate Pool Strategy Optimization and Contract Upgrade

HOGT.COM has further improved the function of aggregation pool, optimized the mining pool strategy, gave full play to the advantages of aggregation trading, explored more trading opportunities for users, and further worked together to improve the user contract trading experience of HOGT.COM

2. HDEX Time Repurchase And Destruction by 0.3% Commission Fee

In order to give back to users to the greatest extent, HOGT has a unique transaction price guarantee mechanism on Hdex. When HOGT.COM provides liquidity transactions, the platform will charge 0.3% commission for each purchase or sale of HOGT /OGT, and all the fees collected will be used to buy back and destroy HOGT.

3. Systematic Upgrade of Alliance&Node Voting of HOGT.COM

The tech team has upgraded HOGT.COM’s Alliance & Node Voting System that released by the DAO community. The TOP 10 members of the alliance who vote will share 80,000 HOGTs and the TOP40 members will share 120,000 HOGTs, and users will get an annual reward of 2628% if they participate in the voting.

4. HOGT.COM Supports MDEX LP Migration to HDEX

HOGT.COM supports the migration of MDEX LP to HDEX without any operation or risk to the user. Subsequent users can use HDEX to generate HOGT/USDT-LP (HDEX) and HOGT/OGT-LP (HDEX) for mining.

5. The Online of HOGT.COM Deposit Pool

HOGT.COM supports 30, 60, 80, 90 days of HOGT, OGT fixed deposit income, the longer the fixed deposit time, the higher the income. Fixed deposit for 180 days, the profit is as high as 50%, the limit is 1 million HOGT.

Ecology Infrastructure Construction for HOGT.COM

1. HOGT.COM Wallet Project Approval, Development, Integration of dApp Browser

One Wallet — HOGT.COM’s official Wallet, will be available soon. As a traffic carrier for HOGT.COM users, One Wallet will initially support ETH, HECO, BSC, Okchain, SOL, the same underlying public chain, ecological chain, and a strategic plan to support cross-chain functionality, mainnet mapping, and the launch of an integrated dApp browser.

2. HDEX Is Optimized to Fully Support the Ecology Construction

The 10% transaction fee of HDEX adds liquidity and increases the thickness of the bottom pool. The unique transaction price guarantee mechanism will enable the subsequent community to empower HOGT around the ecology developed by HOGT, and thicken the bottom pool of capital. The price of HOGT will spiral up, and the costs of mining, extracting, selling and band will be increased to ensure that users can hold coins for a long time. To provide users with more secure and credible ecological services, diversified asset selection and allocation, and higher expected return on investment.

HDEX handling fee address (automatic repurchase destruction / 3 hrs) :


HOGT transaction price 10% precipitation (26.5 billion destroyed on July 10, followed by 10% total destruction) :


3. NFT Project Approval And Beginning of Development will launch Three Kingdoms — an NFT games marketplace. The new market is expected to bring together investors, creators and crypto enthusiasts from around the world. With the rich landscape of the Three Kingdomimages, aims to create the most compelling NFT projects through one-of-a-kind products and exclusive collaborations that seamlessly tie together designed and intuitive digital goods, bringing together investors, creators, and crypto enthusiasts from around the world. is currently in an innovation-driven development phase: the platform infrastructure continues to improve, the platform ecological projects continue to go online, and the number of repurchase and destruction of Hogt continues to increase. will also attract more and more technical teams to participate in the cooperation through the “Kindling Project” and other cooperative projects, For the entire ecological bricks and mortar, time and time again innovative products, will let more and more users benefit.



HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.

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HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.