The Brief Introduction of HOGT.COM

Basic Info

This program combines platforms of assets aggregating earnings, pledge&debit-and-credit and liquility assets transaction.

The Bull Market is still Ongoing

For the past few months, bull market of Bitcoin and Ethereum has a huge positive impact on whole crypto-currency market. At present, the total market value of Bitcoin and Ethereum has estimated over 100 million dollers that coverd market share by 82.3%

As the rapid price growth of crypto-currency, some investers begin to find the ways that able to maximize the profits. The high mortage and 4 digits investment return provied by small token has proved to be irresistible temptation for investers.

History record has shown that when the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum grows, the copycat coin price tend to follow suit, while when the Bitcoin is consolidated in a “predictable” range, the copycat coin and DeFi tokens will rebound. This kind of maket can be partly explained the resent price growth of DeFi tokens in the market.

The Future Vision of HOGT.COM

In addition, HOGT.COM is an intergrated platform that based on creative decentralized assets aggregating earnings, pledge & debit-and-credit and combination of market liquility and transaction HECO eco-chain. HOGT.COM aims to solve variant DeFi needs for customers in creative way with better customer experience and one-stop solution.

The Market Demands

As DeFi market is growing exponentially nowadays, we can see more and more all sorts of varity of mining chances and finicial tools will be created beyound our imagination in the future. The current problem we are facing right now is that most of programmes are operated despersedly, limited community participation and the system that is running is not open souce, thus, it cannot be regulated transparently. Moreover, anonymization of capital distributon and system update can easily cause insuffcient use of resouces that lead to variant inconvience and security risks.

The Solution for Future

HOGT.COM is constructed by 4 development parts(pools) which are aggregating pool, LP mining pool, DAO pool and Inclusive pool (for invited only). As I mentioned earlier, HOGT is open source based eco-token in current crypto-currency finicial system, HOGT is used for participating liquidity mining and regulations in order to get earnings. HOGT users can also take part in voting activity such as liquility mining parameter, product iteration, behaviour stimulation or token economy model by pledging. 2021 will be the most important year for DeFi, all of the DeFi developers will continuelly work on creative program, other blockchain forms which based on Ethereum 2.0, 2nd generation solution plan will be extended. This will allow new users take part in this program. The fact is that there will be more options for investment strategies that lead to more wider participation of HOGT ecosystem and exponential user growth.