ONE Wallet Opens Its Public Beta Test to Global Users

What ONE Wallet can bring to encrypted digital asset market and how it changes the wealth managment ?

With the continuous expansion of the scale of DeFi, the encrypted digital asset market has developed from the previous ecological model dominated by exchanges, project parties and investors to a diversified ecosystem composed of DEX, CEX, investors and DApp. Among them, DEX and CEX are the core infrastructures of the cryptocurrency market. In the case of open source of most program source codes, the establishment of transaction links is no longer difficult.

At the same time, Defi activities continue to grow in each public chain. A product itself that can consistently make the transmission of data or assets between different chains that easy to interact is exactly what users need. One wallet is a distributed and comprehensive Multi Chain Wallet, which integrates multiple functions such as asset management, DEX aggregation, DAPP browser, popular express and token chat room. The wallet integrates the core functions of HDEX and HOGT.COM, and integrates the advantages of a centralized trading platform on the basis of a decentralized trading platform. The wallet can provide users with more convenient and faster services and enable HOGT.COM ecology in an all-round way.

Hot News Update: One wallet is committed to bringing users the most valuable information, providing users with timely and accurate latest trend, information of chain circle and currency circle 24 hours, helping users adjust investment decisions in time and follow the current investment hot spots. At the same time, one wallet can support HDEX projects or HOGT.COM ecological newsletter, so as to better support the ecological construction and rapid development of the platform.

DEX aggregation: In order to provide users with more valuable reference information, the DEX aggregation function is launched in the one wallet interface. Users can directly view the K-line of online hdex currency. By observing the K-line chart, they can track the price fluctuations of assets in detail, verify the accuracy of wallet implementation, and better help platform users track the currency price trend of onlineHDEX in time.

DApp browser: The wallet has a built-in Web3 browser, and the Web3 browser can access the most popular decentralized application at present. Users can directly access DApp in order to make DAPP more convenient to use. For the ecology on online HOGT.COM, the wallet will provide customized access support to help the ecology attract more traffic.

Assets Management: The convenience and expansivity of ONE Wallet to establish a bridge for asset circulation, which greatly facilitates users’ asset management, mainly including transfer, collection, viewing asset details, transaction details, etc. While ensuring the safety factor, it brings convenience and diversity to users.

Token Chat: All major currencies of HDEX have the opportunity to open a special chat room function in ONE wallet to help users enter the exclusive chat group and form their own chat circle.

As stated in the development vision of HOGT.COM, our goal is to “support every stage of ecological developers”. After the launch of ONE Wallet, the HOGT.COM team will continue to focus on the derivative —— digital asset ecology. In the blockchain world of consensus and decentralized operation, the technology ecological service experience advocated by ONE Wallet will meet the more and more diversified investment needs of users with the advantages of more security, efficiency and convenience in the future, and provide better wallet browsing experience for HOGT.COM users around the world.

In conclusion, as a multi-chain comprehensive DeFi service platform, the first step of HOGT.COM is to serve the first batch of ecological co-builders. The ecology continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, and the products are constantly updated. HOGT.COM creates a consensus among stable, efficient and intelligent nodes. ONE wallet provides a fast channel for ecological development. Simple, convenient and intuitive operation can truly integrate financial value and quickly fission ecological resources, so as to realize the long-term plan of building a whole ecological service system of DeFi.

According to official news, based on the distributed comprehensive Multi Chain Wallet, ONE wallet is tentatively scheduled to open the global public beta on July 31, 2021 (Singapore Time) followed by a strategic plan to support cross chain functions and main network mapping. In the future, team will firmly adhere to the strategy of “technical leadership and ecological empowerment”, continue to increase the R & D and investment of ecological products, and provide more professional and comprehensive platform services for users all over the world.



HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.

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HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.