NFT Three Kingdoms is Officially Launched and You Can Earn From It

NFT Three Kingdoms is a game application incubated and issued by HOGT.COM which is composed of multiple functions such as “card mining”, “pledge card drawing”, “card drawing store”, “card trading”, etc. The rules of the game are followed by obtaining combat power by collecting NFT cards with the theme of the Three Kingdoms (the combat power will be different under different card combination strategies), and obtain HOGT rewards according to the combat power.

The Short Introduction of NFT Three Kingdoms Cards

NFT Three Kingdoms cards are based on the historical figures of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China and is originally designed by many original painters according to the life experience of the Three Kingdoms figures. In addition, each NFT card also records the information of “character name”, “country”, “identity”, “R level” and other dimensions.

In addition to the entertainment and brain burning nature of the game itself, “NFT Three Kingdoms” integrates elements such as DeFi and mining, including rare cards to earn excess returns and synthetic SSR mining profits! After this update, equipment, array, combat power PVP (game competition) and other playing methods are added.

Users can participate in the game by several ways:

(1) Using HOGT: 100 HOGTs can be extracted once, and 950 HOGTs can be extracted quickly for 10 times (cards are divided into rare cards and ordinary cards)

(2) Invite friends to get free shot:
The invitee can get a free chance to draw cards for every 10 times in the process of participation and limitless. (Notice: Because NFT Three Kingdoms launched at HOGT.COM platform and Huobi Ecological Chain, you need to log in to Heco’s ONW Wallet (such as Token Pocket, Huobi Wallet, etc.) and find HOGT.COM through DAPP. Remember to put a small amount of HT in the wallet as gas fee in advance.)

How to Play

Log in directly through the ONE Wallet or log in Token Pocket and Huobi Wallet in HOGT.COM. The home page is simple. The buttons —— “my card”, “my combination”, “pledge mining”, “transaction store” and “card overview” are listed at the top, and the “≡” at the top right is the function bar

The “character cards” that can be sold or purchased in the trading store which are R level, SR level and SSR level respectively.

1. Card Synthesis

Two R cards of the same character are combined into one SR card

Two SR cards of the same character are combined into one SSR card

2. Card Combination
Three parts of China: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan

Four masters in Cao and Wei Dynasties: Si Mayi, Chen Qun, Wu Zhi, Zhu Li)

3. Collect Cards and Mining

(1) Data and info that contained in NFT Three Kingdoms character card

Name:based on the historical figures of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China
Country:Wei Dynasty, Shu Dynasty and Wu Dynasty

R-level:R, SR and SSR

Open the blind box in the home page and draw cards once for 100 HOGTs and once for 950 HOGTs ten times. Open the blind box to obtain cards of different characters.

(2) Specific character combinations and synthesize SSR card character combinations for mining.

Example: Five generals

SSR Level: SSR Guan Yu, SSR Zhang Fei, SSR Zhao Yun, SSR Ma Chao, SSR Huang Zhong

There are 53 cards now and divided into 3 countries which are Wei, Shu and Chu

How to Earn

A. Synthetic character combination SSR mining to make money

B. Draw rare card and sell it on store in HOGT.COM

C. Invite friends to get more chances of drawing (10:1) and earn from selling the cards

The HOGT obtained from daily mining can not only continue to draw cards, but also combine mining, which causes snowball virtuous cycle of “mining — re investment, drawing cards — mining increase — re investment”, but also choose the conservative method of “digging and selling”, draw rare cards and go directly to the exchange on the platform. Similarly, if the player doesn’t want to play, he can also cash in the card transaction.

NFT Three Kingdoms” waiting for you to play !

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