NFT Three Kingdoms is Officially Launched and Here’s the Everything You May Wonder About

7 min readAug 20, 2021


In June, Alibaba and Dunhuang Academy of fine arts jointly released two NFT non-homogeneous tokens.

Following by the launch of Alipay’s joint NFT, NetEase also joined Nervina Labs to issue their first NFT work in Taobao.

Uniswap sold a pair of socks for $160, 000, The founder of Twitter sold five words for $2.5 million, and the encryption artist Beeple won a bid of $9.75 million at Christie’s NFT auction ……

Many people may wonder what NFT is ? How and why it’s gone so viral these days ?

What’s NFT ?

Well, A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a block-chain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. Access to any copy of the original file, however, is not restricted to the buyer of the NFT. While copies of these digital items are available for anyone to obtain, NFTs are tracked on blockchains to provide the owner with a proof of ownership that is separate from copyright.

The original encrypted asset NFT, in which the game track will be an important attempt, is not only an important role for the meta universe, but also an important thrust for the development of the meta universe.

What’s NFT Three Kingdoms ?

NFT Three Kingdoms is a strategic card game based on the historical characters of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. This historical characters game combines the block-chain NFT technology to allow users to experience the fun of the game and obtain rich rewards for game achievements. As the first game IP incubated in the HOGT.COM’s ecological section, NFT Three Kingdoms is composed of “NFT blind box”, “combination collection card”, “card promotion”, “transaction auction”, “card mining”, “equipment reclamation”, “PVP battle”, “heroes’ list” and other modules. The free and open game system allows you to gain benefits while playing.

In addition, NFT Three Kingdoms is the first game incubated and released by HOGT.COM, which is composed of multiple modules such as “NFT blind box”, “combination collection card”, “card promotion”, “transaction auction”, “card mining”, “equipment reclamation”, “PVP battle”, “Heroes playing list”, etc. The rules of the game are: get rewards by collecting NFT cards with the theme of the Three Kingdoms. The rewards will be different by different card combination strategies.

(1) Three Kingdoms Blind Box

It is composed of 159 color cards. Each blind box needs to contribute 100 HOGTs. Each blind box will draw a card, and each card is randomly drawn. The cards extracted by the user by opening the blind box are level R. 2 Rs can be upgraded to SR and 2 SRs can be upgraded to SSR. After upgrading to SSR, they can be pledged for mining. Participating in the pledge of NFT Three Kingdoms card head mine, whoever pledges early will have higher income. Due to the uncertainty of the blind box, opening the blind box is very interesting. If you open a rare card, you can also auction it on the chain at a higher price.

(2) NFT Three Kingdoms Shop

Any card drawn by the user can be linked to the chain for auction. The auction price is set by the seller, and the user can make different pricing according to the scarcity. According to reliable information, the NFT Three Kingdoms have not been launched yet, and NFT merchant teams have received scarce NFT cards at prices ranging from 3000–5000 HOGTs. In addition, users can also directly purchase the NFT cards through the “trading market”. The trading market is equipped with two trading areas, “my pending order” and “my order”, which support users to trade cards.

(3) NFT Three Kingdoms Pledge Mining

What’s the funny part about this game is that two identical SRs extracted by the user can be upgraded to SR, and two SRs can be upgraded to SSR. After upgrading to SSR, you can carry out pledge mining in the card pledge pool. It is said that the income of the first mine is very high. The earlier the pledge, the higher the income.

The NFT Three Kingdoms is currently warming up. Invite friends to participate and rush to the SSR first mine. Invitees can also get the opportunity to draw cards for free. There are a variety of ways to play, so that users can play and earn, which is the charm of the NFT Three Kingdoms

Here’s The Tactic How You Get Benefits from The Game:

1. The NFT three countries adopt the “chain auction” mode, in which rare things are more expensive. The scarcer the auction cards are, the higher the auction price will be. Some scarce cards will be sold at 30–50 times the price.

2. Two same R-level cards can be upgraded to SR level, and two SR-level cards can be upgraded to SSR level. After the user card is upgraded to SSR level, he can participate in the SSR card head mine on August 18 and open the head mine income.

3. After drawing different cards, you can synthesize them accordingly. The synthesized cards can be directly exchanged for HOGT rewards. The synthesized cards are also divided into R-level, SR-level and SSR-level. The reward of SSR level is the highest, and the synthetic reward is up to 6 times or even higher.

What Can We Expect from NFT and How It Relates to HOGT ?

(1) With the strong attack of NFT, the number of NFT projects in the market increases, and most NFT assets have the demand for circulation and trading. NFT trading platform has become the rigid demand of the industry. We all know that the trading platform is the first to benefit from the outbreak of NFT. If HOGT.COM continues to incubate the ecological NFT Three Kingdoms and the gain more traffic the increase of HOGT will be higher and higher. In the same way, with the rise of NFT, HOGT.COM’s new ecological plate has the potential to accelerate the outbreak, and the value of HOGT will be immeasurable.

(2) As insiders said, NFT technology driven by blockchain technology has opened up a new generation of digital native economy opportunities for us, and playing games is not just a consumption behavior to pass the time. NFT three countries can increase the application scenarios of HOGT in the chain game sector. With the rich scenes of the images of the Three Kinhdoms, NFT three kingdoms aims to create the most unique NFT projects through unique design and innovative play system, and create a star IP in the NFT gaming market.

(3) The block-chain is full of infinite possibilities. The NFT have built their own “game ecological alliance” and successfully linked the majority of users. With the increasing revenue of users in the game, HOGT will have more market share and liquidity, which means that the bottom pool of HOGT will become thicker and the price of HOGT can maintain a long-term stable rise.

Three Core Advances of NFT Three Kingdoms

1. Following the trend of combining NFT games with blockchain, NFT team has a deep understanding of NFT technology and a group of users who know it well, which has accumulated the original preachers for more users. After it is officially launched, more users will participate;

2. Developers can give full play to their creativity and innovation freely to make the game more playable and also reflects the concept of Web 3.0. On the basis of development and design, the technical team of NFT three countries continued to improve the underlying technical mechanism, bringing users a good experience of game registration, login, browsing, trading and switching, greatly reducing the threshold of user participation and allowing more users to play and love NFT Three Kingdoms;

3. In traditional games, the ownership of game assets belongs to developers, and users only have the right to use them. Developers can transfer or change users’ game assets at will, while in blockchain games, users can really own the ownership of game assets. With the help of NFT, users can get benefits from the game and attract more users.

Sum Up

Currently, NFT has caused a new wave, and the game field has become an important carrier of NFT technology.

There is still room for development in the field of NFT games. The value of NFT mainly comes from the value of the game itself. It depends on the design of the game itself, the number of participants and the depth of participation. In other words, the value of NFT comes from the interactive communication value of the game. The more people participate in the game, the deeper the experience, the greater the use value of the game itself, the greater the use value of NFT and the higher the value of HOGT.

The NFT Three KIngdoms has launched at ONE Wallet on August 18. With the continuous improvement of the ecosystem, there will be more various play strategies in card game and reward mode, which will attract users to participate in HOGT’s ecology more widely and bring phenomenal income growth.




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