NFT — Another Boom in Cryptoassets World

5 min readJul 23, 2021


NFT is getting a lot more attention by tech giants. How’s that different from traditional game and benefit us ?

Throughout the development of human history, the beginning of the trade was “barter”, in which the value of each item to each other was determined by the needs of the other party, If both parties needed the good for the other party, Thus, the exchange activity is going to happen, for instance, your sheepskin was exchanged for my eggs in need.

Specifically, every sheepskin and every egg may be different, but the differences may not be so obvious. Therefore, this homogenized demand exchange prompts us to create a monetary “equivalent intermediate”, so that everyone’s demand is anchored to the “equivalent intermediate”.

Now we can see the evolution history of money, from shell to financial currency, from paper money to electronic currency and now digital currency, in fact, the essence of the corresponding is a demand exchange.

However, what is NFT? In fact, the concept of NFT has been around for all of human history.

Non-fungible Token (NFT) is an indivisible and unique Token. It is a new type of digital certificate and on-chain equity that carries the value of goods. The equivalent is the FT (Fungible Token), which is a common example of homogeneous tokens such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. The difference is that one Bitcoin is interchangeable with another, while each NFT has its own characteristics and cannot be interchangeable with each other.

It can be said that if cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum used for transactions, then NFT is more like the concept of “things” in the real world.

At present, NFT projects are mainly focused on art collection, asset mapping and metauniverse (virtual reality), with a sound ecology and mature transaction flow platform. Its development can be roughly divided into the following three stages:

(1) The rise and promotion of crypto art platforms, such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Crypto asset (NFT) trading markets such as Opensea and Rarible

(2) There are many traditional giants involved in THE NFT project, such as NBA, Gucci, Disney and so on have participated in the game;

(3) The native crypto asset NFT, in which the game track will be an important attempt, is both an important part of the metauniverse and will be an important driver of the metauniverse.

Although the current NFT is still a niche market, but the growth rate is promising, the heat also continues to climb in the crypto market, and has become one of the chain has high hopes for the future direction after DeFi.

Among them, as the largest NFT application scenarios, the value of metauniverse (virtual reality) mapping is also , track the development of the game also has attracted more and more players to join and to make many participants believe that NFT will be a new outbreak of plate, more and more of the platform are layout NFT.

Based on this, HOGT.COM will soon launch the Three Kingdoms NFT Ecological section developed by the Singapore Technology Development Community. With the rich scene of three Kingdoms image, three Kingdoms NFT aims to create the most unique NFT project through unique design and innovative gameplay system, and create a star IP in the NFT g;obal game market.

It is reported that The Three Kingdoms NFT, as the first game IP incubated by the HOGT.COM ecological section, will be divided into different camps to PK according to The Three Kingdoms historical figures it represents. Users can draw cards through the blind box, which can be divided into 1 consecutive draw and 10 consecutive draw (users can send a lucky draw opportunity when binding with their superiors). The cards are divided into 3 levels according to the rarity of R, SR and SSR.

Cards can be upgraded or combined. Cards drawn by the user can only be of R rank, but cards of the same rank can be synthesized and upgraded to higher cards. The rarer the combined deck, the higher the reward. If an extra card is drawn, the user can also trade it in the auction system. With the progress of the game, the three countries NFT will be more diverse.

Given the fact that there is a lot of room for growth in NFT games, and the value of NFT comes from the value of the game itself, which depends on the design of the game itself, the number of players and the depth of participation.

In other words, the value of the NFT comes from the value of the interaction in the game, and the more people involved in the game, the more deeply involved, and the more valuable the game itself, the greater the NFT is likely to be. The NFT explosion is based on the growth of encryption games as a whole, and the growth of encryption games as a whole depends on the full use of NFT features.

In short, as a new thing, NFT has getting attention by more and more people. Although “the NFT’s artistry is too low”, “NFT is a complete bubble” and other comments are constantly heard, but the emergence of new things must be accompanied by great controversy.

In June, Alibaba and The Dunhuang Institute of Fine Arts jointly released two NFT non-homogenized tokens, which are Dunhuang flying Apsaras drink nine color deer skin; Following Alipay’s NFT launch, Netease teamed up with Nervina Labs to release their first NFT on Taobao. On June 30, Twitter — the world’s leading social networking site, launched a free NFT event.

Technology giants in various industries have laid out NFT, there is no doubt that NFT has been completely out of the circle and the real value of NFT will appear to us.




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