HOGT’s new Project:“ Kindling Plan”—New Trend for DeFi

What “Kindling Plan” Can Bring to You and You Will Be the One to Witness the Great Revolution

On June 29, HOGT.COM released an official announcement that in order to unite the global developers to jointly build HOGT.COM infrastructure and improve the ecosystem on the chain, HOGT.COM platform will officially invest 10 million RMB to set up HOGT Labs to support ecological developers at every stage.

It’s said that the launch of the “kindling plan” of HOGT.COM aims to link global developers, investment institutions to joint global quality community to build HOGT.COM ecology, open a new era of technology development.

HOGT.COM is the first comprehensive DeFi ecological service platform based on Huobi ecological chain, which integrates and aggregates revenue, lending, DEX and other business sectors, and is committed to the construction of DEFI whole ecological service system.

Obviously, such strategic positioning also determines the mission of HOGT.com is far beyound developing its own one side of the world, For “kindling plan”, HOGT.com will strengthen the cohesion of technology, community and ecological resources to enable the development of distributed commercial applications, support platform ecological construction, let the ecology of HOGT.com to activate the “fire” chain by chain and to develop more valuable and potential commercial application scenarios.

Decentralized exchanges have become the trend in our time as the centralized exchanges have set foot on the road to the sea. At present, the decentralized trading platform HDEX based on HOGT.COM ecology has been officially launched. Its unique trading price guarantee mechanism will protect the ecological development of HOGT.COM, so that every HOGT holder can enjoy the ecological dividend of HDEX, and meet the needs of more users for development projects.

It is reported that the HDEX interface is about to set the K-line function, users can observe the range of K-line, detailed tracking of asset price change rules and so on. Under the platform effect of Hdex, HOGT.COM will build a complete ecological closed-loop of technology development, application promotion and financial transactions. By achieving both the premium experience of a centralized exchange and the trading advantages of a decentralized exchange, users can maximize the ecological convenience of HOGT.COM on Hdex.

In addition, One Wallet——HOGT’s official Wallet, will be available soon. As a traffic carrier for HOGT.COM’s users, One Wallet will initially support ETH, HECO, BSC, Okchain, SOL, same underlying public chain, ecological chain, as well as a strategic plan to support cross-chain functionality and mainnet mapping. The purpose of the “KIndling Plant” launched by HOGT.COM is: we will complete all the infrastructure of the platform, provide more diversified innovation paths and basic services for global developers, make the construction cost of decentralized application scenarios lower, more efficient, as long as there are projects and users, “one-stop support” is provided through twh whole steps.

HOGT.COM’s Kindling Plan is multi-faceted and we can offer developers everything they need. On the one hand, the project that wins the title of “spark” can get the strong support and become the “hot property” under the spotlight; Moreover, all outstanding projects rated by HOGT.COM as “kindling” will have the opportunity to receive at least one of the following benefits:

  1. HOGT.COM “Kindling Plan” Ecological fund support opportunities
  2. HOGT.COM “Kindling Plan” Ecological commercial application resource support;
  3. HOGT.COM “Kindling Plan” Global marketing matrix resources skew

In addition, Hogt.com will provide technical guidance, operational planning, and marketing support to the selected “Spark” projects. Specifically including:

  1. Technical guidance: help the project team to sort out the technical roadmap, assist in reviewing the contract code, etc.
  2. Operation plan: provide consulting operational support, but do not participate in ecological project operation;
  3. Marketing: provide targeted market support and accelerate the application and landing of incubation projects in an all-round way.

In the future, HOGT.COM will support ecological recycling projects developed on HOGT and only really good projects will stand out. In this way, we will build a strong on-chain ecosystem alliance to support more valuable and potential projects based on HOGT.COM

At present, project developers can contact us through the official email address (hogtglobal@gmail.com) to participate in the global recruitment of HOGT.COM “Kindling Plan”.

Disclaimer: As an on-chain eco-builder and participant, Hogt.com is very willing to cooperate with willing and competent project developers for project cooperation and ecological development. In line with the principle of openness, transparency and openness, HOGT.COM solemnly remind: HOGT.COM only provides you with the platform and the corresponding resources support, the project scheme provided by the developer has nothing to do with the platform, please judge the risk of participation by investors, HOGT.COM does not assume the corresponding responsibility.

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