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The emergence of smart contract is providing essential prerequisite for blockchain development, thus, blockchain is starting to have more wider various functions since then. DeFi is a important part of application of blockchain. Many well-known institutions and excellent investors have been arising heated discussion over the DeFi. HOGT.COM called out of manipulation and it aims to decentralized finance, a comprehensive platform of fusion, aggregation, lending and DEX.

Standing in the tuyere of The Times, we not only need to work hard by ourselves, but also need to lead the people around us who have a consensus to work together. “The next ten years will be a golden decade for blockchain development” a HOGT evangelist who resigned as sales director of Mengniu said. Say goodbye to tradition and embrace the future. Since he has been immersed in HOGT.COM, he has realized what the real road is. To get rich, we can’t just think of ourselves as miners, we need to truly participate in this era of rapid development and make HOGT.COM the benchmark for the blockchain industry on DeFi track!

To make money, choice is also very important besides har work. If you want to so something in business, in addition to the ideas of making money, also need to have the knowledge and prediction of the future, HOGT.COM is committed to the combination of traditional financial and decentralized financial services, to create a better way for financial industry. It can be thought of as an open liquidity financial protocol that provides a market (protocol) for funds on and off the exchange, where the role played by intermediaries in traditional finance is replaced by a corresponding smart contract. In addition, HOGT.COM seeks to showcase as many DeFi features as possible in its ecological construction.and choice is also very important beside hard work. Want to do business, in addition to the thinking of making money, also need to have the knowledge and prediction of the future.

Finance Decentralization

HOGT.COM decentralizes the financial market by removing intermediaries. Decentralization of the transactions trust from the central institutions of traditional finance to norms and consensus rules. Rather than relying on an undefined central entity, HOGT.COM relies on a consensus on the Huobi HECO chain to validate, resolve, and unify the validity of digital information. HOGT.COM is committed to the construction of DeFi ecosystem service system and to help users realize asset appreciation through more convenient ways, make finance more convenient, let wealth more freedom. Its impact is hard to quantify and contrasts sharply with traditional finance.


HOGT.COM has the functional interoperability of HRC-20 tokens on its protocol. For instance, when you make a transaction on HOGT.COM, users are able to transfer funds to an account on any Heco chain spot in the worldwide.

Users can use their borrowed funds to interact with any other DeFi protocol on the HECO chain, as long as that protocol accepts HRC-20 tokens. Funds which earned on HOGT.COM can be seamlessly transferred to any other protocol that using the HECO chain if users pay fairly high transaction fee (known as gas fee on Ethereum).


HOGT.COM publicly shares core technologies through open source, and if necessary, HOGT.COM can build new applications on top of these technologies, enabling innovation in these platforms and applications.

This is in stark contrast to traditional financial institutions, any of which, with a few exceptions, we are not aware of any instituyion which opened up their core technologies so far.

We think that this will be a hugr shift in central financial institutions. However, due to use of the complex proprietary software for decades, it is currently difficult for these institutions to open source and change their core technologies.


HOGT.COM will continue to launch DEX service, all real-time transactions can be checked in the chain. Users who interact on HOGT.COM platform (for example, send transactions) can view their transaction status through blockchain (for example, confirm [transaction is successful]).

All users of HOGT.COM have a HECO chain account, which can be viewed on the chain. The HECO chain is open, so all assets owned by the account on the heco chain can be searched and viewed publicly, including all transactions on hogt.com.




HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.

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HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.