HDEX is a Lot More Than You Can Expect in The Future !

The Advantages of DEX

Compare to centralized exchange, DEX is a comprehensive innovation that retains the decentralized nature of blockchain in a censored, decentralized, unlicensed, unmanaged feature. However, due to lack of K-line, the inability to attach orders and limit trading, and the higher slip point, DEX does not conform to the consistent usage habits of currency circle users in the centralized exchanges. After the launch of HDEX, more innovative gameplay will be opened to meet the needs of more users.

Ecological Development of HOGT

HDEX is ecological decentralized exchange platform for HOGT.COM and it follows the principle of fairness, safety and shared trading platform, and is committed to “technology” as the core, focusing on the development of platform value functions, and constantly strengthening and consolidating the advantages of the platform. At the early stage, the construction of HOGT.COM ecological development is the core, or can be called HOGT.COM customized ecology. HOGT will go to a wider circle as innovative gameplay after the construction is done.

HDEX Community Governance

HDEX is completely autonomous by the community. Due to HDEX’s unique trading and incentive methods, the circulation of HOGT will continue to decrease, which will be more beneficial to the miners who have held HOGT for a long time and participated in the mining, as well as the providers of LP bottom depth, who will continue to enjoy the dividends brought by the platform development. HDEX is committed to reducing the risk of unpredictable platform losses and improving risk control capabilities and market efficiency on the basis of significantly lowering the AMM technology threshold.



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