Eco-developers Helped HDEX Fully Implement The “Repurchase-And-Destruction” Mechanism

New Ecology of Financed and Combination of Innnovation Will Lead to Better Future of Personnal Financce

HDEX is an ecologically decentralized trading platform based on HOGT.COM. The platform fully follows the principles of fairness, safety and shared trading platform. It is committed to taking “technology” as the core, focusing on the development of the value and functions and constantly strengthening and consolidating the advantages of the platform. Also known as the HOGT.COM Custom Eco, Hdex will move to a wider circle as innovative gameplay as it matures.

HDEX is committed to integrating DeFi’s ecology, helping more valuable currencies to improve liquidity and meeting the needs of more currencies for transaction price protection by creating on-chain high-performance transactions, and creating a set of fully ecological transaction models.

It is reported that HDEX will launch in the near future K line function, users can observe the K line chart, detailed tracking of asset price change rules. By means of multiple ecological mechanisms, HDEX will build a complete ecological closed loop of technology development, application promotion and financial transactions. This multi-pronged approach not only achieves the premium experience of a centralized exchange, but also has the commercial advantages of a decentralized exchange. Users can maximize the ecological convenience of HOGT.COM on Hdex.

In order to maximize feedback to users, HOGT has a unique transaction price protection mechanism on HDEX. When providing liquidity transactions, the platform will charge 0.3% commission for each purchase or sale of HOGT/OGT, which will be used to repurchase and destroy HOGT. When a trader sells a HOGT/OGT, 10% of the trader’s total trading fee and 5% will be used to buy a HOGT, pushing up the price. 5% of USDT and 5% of HOGT will be used for group LP to increase bottom pool depth. All operations are performed automatically by smart contracts, and vise versa.

On July 7, HDEX had repurchased and destroyed 200,000 HOGT; On July 9, HDEX had bought back and destroyed 300,000 HOGT. With the launch of ecological products, and the Hdex’s buyback destruction efforts will only get bigger.

The link of repurchased-and-destroyed 200,000 HOGT on July 7 as below:

The link of repurchased-and-destroyed 300,000 HOGT on July 9 as below:

The HDEX transaction protection mechanism was launched on July 9, at the initial stage of the development of HOGT.COM platform, 10% of the transaction fee will be used for full repurchase of HOGT and 10% of the transaction fee liquidity precipitation address: 0x03d51238ae28dcd56d48ab4588d7ad4aa16df755

The transaction price guarantee(ptotection) mechanism of HDEX will enable the subsequent community to empower HOGT around the ecology developed by HOGT.COM, so as to ensure the stability of HOGT price. In addition, the costs of mining, withdrawing, selling and band are increased to ensure users’ long-term holding of coins. HDEX will provide users with more secure and credible ecological services, diversified asset selection and allocation, and higher expected return on investment.

As more eco-developers develop eco-systems on HOGT.COM, users will trade more frequently on Hdex. As a decentralized trading platform, HDEX will collect transaction fees, whilst protecting the safety of users’ assets.

In the next release, any new project launched on HDEX that is not supported by the official whitel-ist will have the following restrictions:

1. Unable to trade within 30 minutes after adding liquidity;

2. Unable to search coins through tokens contracts.

To receive whitelist support, ecological projects must meet the following conditions:

  1. Code must be open source;

2. Liquidity bottom pool of more than 300,000 HOGTs。

Hdex will be improved to provide more diversified innovation paths and basic services for developers on the chain, to lower the construction cost and increase the efficiency of decentralized application scenarios, to enable every HOGT holder to enjoy the ecological dividend of Hdex, and to meet the needs of more users for the platform.

Innovation and scalability are important factors driving the development of the platform. After that, HDEX will support the online of more ecology, so that the core participants and supporters can reap rich returns, and users can share the growth dividend of HDEX. By means of repurchase, destruction and increasing the depth of HOGT bottom pool, HDEX will reward the holders and further consolidate the road of ecological cycle development of HDEX.



HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.

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HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.