Cross-Chain of BOGT — New Vision to HOGT

This big different move will refresh your thought about reshaping the value of HOGT .

Currently, DeFi is on fire. However, the assets on the original chain is relatively independent, so it can only carry out business on a separate chain instead of achieving interconnection, and the ecological performance is seriously homogenized. The transformation and transfer of assets between chains mainly rely on centralized exchanges.

The cross-chain is like the internet protocol between each chain. It can provide all services when it is connected. It can be said that, the cross-chain has become the only bridge between chains, and even push DeFi to another peak again following by the public chain.

So, what is cross chain? Cross-chain, literally, means two independent block chain. Originally, transfer and communication can only be carried out on their respective chains. Through cross chain technology, the interoperability between the two block chain can be realized.

BOGT.COM is the first comprehensive multi-chain ecological service platform built based on BSC and it integrates multi sector businesses such as DeFi, gameFi, NFT and meta universe service platform, and is committed to building a multi chain full ecological service system, realizing the free circulation of block chain value, building a comprehensive basic service and governance model, and building a cross chain industrial ecosystem of BOGT.COM, It aims to provide global users with “one-stop” financial services from mining to trading.

In order to increase more liquidity and further expand globally, BOGT.COM is actively preparing to cross-chain to BSC, and has entered the final test stage. After completion of BOGT cross-chain BSC, it has great advantages for BOGT.COM users:

1) BOGT.COM will support cross-chain transactions of multiple assets, and the asset circulation between multiple chains and cross chains will be faster and more convenient. Users can exchange and transfer between HECO, BSC and other multi-chain assets, so as to provide a mutually integrated trading market for different assets on BSC;

2) After crossing the chain of BOGT.COM, with the continuous growth of transaction volume, the mine pool liquidity will be stronger and freer, and the operation mode of asset switching will be simpler and clearer; Users have more selectivity, and can freely select the income ore pool for mining on different chains;

3) The trading channels domestically and internationally are fully opened, which are bound to form a new mining boom. BOGT.COM’s loyal users will enjoy more benefits. In addition to the overseas influence of BSC, the number of BOGT.COM users will be further expanded, and BOGT.COM will further expand its influence in the world.

At the beginning of the launch of HOGT, ecology was developed on HECO. Its main responsibility was to undertake the overflow of HECO ecology and provide an ecological scene for HOGT. Today, HOGT.COM is no longer the original “provider”. With the support of many ecological projects, HOGT.COM needs greater pursuit and dream.

If so, some people may question whether HOGT has no value support before. However, the current rapid development of ecology and cross chain technology will provide the best conditions for the transformation and maturity of HOGT to BOGT.

BOGT.COM platform will actively expand more innovative financial application scenarios on the BSC chain and develop more creative and thoughtful ecological sections. Compared with the small attempt of HECO track, BOGT.COM based on BSC will have a larger ecological foundation and wider application scenarios.

What‘s gonna happen with the collision of HOGT and BSC? We’ll see

HOGT is DeFi online service platform that based on HECO eco-blockchain. A leading one-stop solution platform for DeFi.